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TH!NK Journal

TH!NK Journal

This journal is for anyone willing to take a journey and looking for change – the tools and resources shared are to help with everyday life, making decisions and achieving goals that you set for yourself, celebrating along the way.

The tools shared in the journal are based on business tools, but we are all about “levelling the playing field” so we’ve turned things around and upside down to create some easy to use tools to help you TH!NK differently. We’ve done this with the permission of, and alongside, those that inspire us!

About The Maker: TH!NK FC

We work alongside people. Helping them navigate through life, TH!NKing confidently about things that matter to them, their families and friends, in their community and further afield.
To share our tools, we have created a range of children’s books each teaching a TH!NK tool.

Our TH!NK tools have been adapted from business and personal development tools usually reserved for adults and professionals. and we want to make them accessible to anyone, no matter their age or background.

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