At CAN HQ, we host a variety of exhibitions in our gallery space. This includes community exhibitions based on a theme, one-off showcases or events, and private exhibitions. Take a look below at the current and upcoming exhibitions!

We also have a variety of our past exhibitions available for viewing as online galleries.

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Current Exhibition:

'Explore Charnwood Forest Geopark'

19th June - 1st July 2024

Find out what adventures await within the Geopark...
Between 19th June and 1st July, Coalville CAN is hosting a Charnwood Forest Geopark display. Telling the story of the geology of the landscape, its nature and heritage, the display will explore the diverse aspects of the Geopark, as well as featuring nature inspired pieces from local artists.


Upcoming Exhibitions:

July 2nd - 8th: 'Year 10 & 11 Art Showcase' by Newbridge School

July 9th - 22nd: - Ibstock Environmental Promo Exhibition with Ian Garside

August 7th - 17th: 'Hayley Fern's Story', exhibition and artist in residence

August 20th - September 8th: 'Repair Bench Stories' by Coalville Community Workshop

And much more!

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Past Exhibitions

'Modellers and their Models' Community Model Exhibition

4th June - 16th June 2024

An exhibition of Military models and dioramas, including recreations of famous movie scenes from Saving Private Ryan, Ice Cold in Alex, and more! 

Models created by John Unwin, Andy Wright, and Garry Johnson. 




The Poo Exhibition

May 22nd - 2nd June 2024

Featuring a working gut by Newbridge, poems & art from Belvoirdale, & more!

Lots of fun - games, puzzles, colouring, interactive games & more. A great way to see the talent of local schools & learn about a healthy gut.

'Coalville in Colour' Community Art Exhibition

21st April - 12th May 2024

'Coalville in Colour' featured vibrant artwork of local scenes and buildings in Coalville, including works by Tomas Villarosa and Denis Baker, as well as other contributing local artists.

'Woman on a Motorbike' Poetry Exhibition by The Bee Warrior Poet

3rd April - 19th April 2024

The Woman on a Motorbike Poetry Exhibition combined written works with bike parts, gear, and equipment to blend the worlds of poetry and motorbiking, alongside workshops and interactive experiences. 

Find out more about Deb and her poetry here, and don't forget to check out her author's interview!

'Nature In Glass' by UK Glass Art Collective

14th March - 24th March 2024

The debut exhibition of the UK Glass Art Collective, 'Nature in Glass' featured kiln-formed glass pieces from 14 different artists! The exhibition was be open from the 14th of March to the 24th.

Photos by Julian Price.

'Youth Voice' Community Art Exhibition

7th February - 23rd February 2024

An exhibition celebrating the voices of local young people (Ages 11 - 25). The exhibition included a variety of art pieces in various mediums and styles, created by local young people.