Our Income and Finances explained

CAN's aim is by 2025 we will be covering all our core costs through our earnt income. This will be through a mix of chargeable rents, products sold and services provided.
Our projects will be funded by a mix of grant funding and contracts as well as working in partnership with others.
Community share offers will be a key part of our funding as they bring ownership, a vote and accountability to our communities. 
Currently we have received funding from:
  • National Lottery Community
  • National Forest Company
  • Leicestershire County Council
  • NWLDC 
  • Oaklands Foundation
  • Innovate Edge UK
  • Macmillan
  • Central Co-op
  • Community Shares Booster Scheme
  • Reach Fund
  • Good Things Foundation
We have also had significant in kind support from World Habitat
The most valuable part of our projects and our own contribution to our community comes from the people who work alongside us, their time, energy, experience and stories. These are priceless and too many to thank properly.
Once our contingency funds and finances required to ensure our future plans and projects, all additional funds left over at the end of the year are reinvested back into CAN and the local community.