CCAN has four themes to which we work:
Buildings and Land:
      - community ownership
      - People's profit
      - Sustainability
      - innovation
      - education
      - enterprise
      - creativity
      - health, physical and mental 
      - valuable not vulnerable
      - people's voice
      - building capacity
      - sharing stories
Our Way Of Working document and Crew Handbook explain how we operate day to day and work with people. We make a lot of use of projects and these are the main activities people will see. 
Our Current Projects:
I CAN Achieve  enterprise and employment Working alongside people to find meaningful work, with an emphasis on enterprise through self employment and community business. 
MAKERS  a bespoke retail outlet, showcasing and selling a variety of handcrafted/designed products, made by local artists and craftspeople. Our focus is on promoting the makers and encouraging the success of creative enterprise.
Multiply with TH!NK FC working to improve number confidence
Recruitment events and confidence building
Enterprise advice 
Business Networking and connecting
I CAN Create a focus on working alongside those living with disabilities.
Women Mean Business with CASE, TH!NK and Community Enterprise
A Place for Everyone: we welcome everyone in the community and are working towards making sure everyone feels they belong and are connected.  
CCAN Connect: connecting is a foundation of our work. These projects are the additional focus, beyond our way of working of connecting people as citizens with their own strengths and contribution. A key part of this project is for people to set up and run their own projects, events and activities including peer to peer groups.
Alternative Family Wellbeing: offering a joined up counselling for parents and alternative wellbeing activiites for the whole family, carers and friends to prevent escalating mental health problems for people and in the community.  
Youth Voice: a particular focus and passion for young people's voices to be heard; for young people to feel a part of their communities and have a belief in themselves.
Duke of Edinburgh scheme maximising accessibility
Cancer support with Macmillan - offering projects and spaces in which those living with or effected by Cancer, have access to support, activities and resources to enhance their wellbeing.
CAN Digital: working towards ensuring that everyone within our community has access to the digital world and the skills and confidence to engage within it.
GREEN 67: recognising the physical challenges we face, challenges facing our natural world and the benefits the natural world can bring. Projects which focus on low carbon and bio diversity. Raising awareness and also encouraging the use of our outdoor spaces by the community.
Coalville CAN Publishing working with local first time authours and the CCAN Crew 
Holiday Activity Fund 
Past projects:
Kickstarter, working alongside 69 young people to find their way back into work following COVID. A government program to offer experience in the workplace, we also offered time to think about next steps, tools to make the decision and work experience where there was both an interest and a potential future.
Future projects:
CCAN is fueled by the creativity and ideas of our members and crew. We are working on a number of ideas for when the time and people are right. Get in touch - we like to say "yes and .."
  • Sustainable local woodland
  • Housing
  • Podcasting
  • Video and Music production
  • School of the Future
  • E-bike deliveries.
  • E X-bike Track