MAKERS Resources

Here, you can find a variety of resources for use by Makers, such as branding resources to support your own social media, terms and conditions, and more.

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Terms and Conditions

MAKERS Brand + Resources

View the guidelines and branding we use for MAKERS below. If you want to promote your own items/events using these resources, they are available to download as a pack, by clicking here. If you aren't able to download, email us at and we can send them directly to you.

These are only recommendations- But by using the hashtags listed, and tagging our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram), we can help share your posts and work together to support your online presence.

Social Media Workshop + Top Tips

On the 18th of May, 2024, CAN and members of MAKERS were provided a social media workshop by Megan Lupton, who is part of the Great Central Gazette. It focused on promoting MAKERS/Coalville CAN online by creating an online community and using User Generated Content.

Here, you can download the slides from the workshop for your own use. A summary of the top tips from the workshop is also available below:

Using User Generated Content (UGC) 

User Generated Content is anything created by users/customers rather than yourself. For example, images, reviews, testimonials, and more. This can be a great way to show off your products/service in an authentic way, and to build an interactive community. 

How to use UGC: 

  • Encourage people to share reviews/ their experiences online by tagging you/using hashtags. 
  • Sharing these materials on your own platforms (with permission) 
  • Continuing to engage online regularly and foster a community. 

We also encourage you to tag Coalville CAN/Makers when sharing your content online so we can share it to our pages/groups! 

Building a social media community: 

Engaging regularly with users and their content can help create a community and help spread the word about you/your business. 

Ways to build a social media community: 

  • Organise content around specific events or topics. (E.g. #MindfulMonday, #CreativeThursday, and getting your followers to join in the conversation) 
  • Ask questions and join conversations in your comments (E.g. For an artist, sharing what your favourite materials are to work with and asking others what they like to use) 
  • Show behind the scenes content (Works in progress, parts of the process people don’t usually see. Sharing the person behind the art!) 
  • Promote user generated content (Like and respond to reviews/testimonials, share it on your page (with permission!)) 

Incentivising social media promotion: 

  • By giving small incentives for people to engage with you, it can help create user generated content and grow your reach. You don’t need to give away loads of free stuff- Just do what makes sense with the scale of your business! Examples: 
  • Offer a small discount on an upcoming workshop as a raffle for new followers. 
  • Giving away branded items as a raffle reward. 
  • Asking for answer to trivia or questions related to your work (eg; First to name the landmark in this painting gets a prize. 

Prizes can be discounts, vouchers for local businesses you have spoken to, smaller items with a low cost, etc.  

Social Media

We invite you to follow our social media pages for MAKERS, to receive updates on events, new products, and ways to get involved. If you post on your own page, we encourage you to tag us in so we can help share and promote your work!