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Coalville CAN

Coalville CAN Lifetime Membership

Coalville CAN Lifetime Membership

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As a Community Benefit Society, Coalville CAN is owned by it's members, like any other co-operative. To become a member, anyone over 16 can purchase a share to become an owner of Coalville CAN CBS for £25.

But what does being a member mean for me?

You'll be invited to our yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM),
where we report on our work during the year, and hold elections for our board of directors- So as a member, you get a direct say in how we run our organisation and who's in control. You'll also have a vote on any other key decisions on how we run or what projects we want to commit to. Finally, you'll also be supporting us directly through the purchase, and helping us support the local community.

Email updates

Do you give us permission to regularly email you updates on Coalville CAN's operations? (For example event announcements or monthly updates. We will still contact you with information regarding your membership regardless.)

Age confirmation

Can you confirm you, the recipient of the membership, are aged 16 or over?

Finally, we would like to ask your reasons and motivations for becoming a member of Coalville CAN, if you would like to share:

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