Collection: Spaces For Hire

Creating spaces for community use is part of our reason for being, so Coalville CAN has a range of spaces suitable for meetings, events and gatherings of any kind. If you can't book the space you need here, we may well be able to offer alternatives - just get in touch using the contact form.

Our pricing can vary depending on your use of the space, to help provide access to those who need it.

For small clubs/social groups, we just ask for £2.50 per person for use of the space, to cover our costs.

For communities groups and those just starting out with their business, our price is £10/hr for use of a space, and £20/hr for commercial or funded use of the space. 

Finally, if you are planning to regularly use a space for a long period (such as hiring space weekly,) we can offer a price alongside block bookings. Get in touch and we can work out all the details!

Each floor is equipped with a small kitchen and toilets available for anyone using a space at CAN HQ.

Get in touch to discuss spaces for hire