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Robin Hutchinson

Surviving the Last Refuge - Fantasy Novel

Surviving the Last Refuge - Fantasy Novel

What are you to do when the world freezes over? Survival is all that matters. Only the lucky few from around the world who found their way through a honeycomb of caves and stumbled upon the only place left unfrozen, The Bowl - the remains of an enormous supervolcano - succeed in keeping humanity's flame lit.

Their descendants live alongside the other species who similarly found their way to safety or else lived there all along, including the bear-like Ananeptide and the diminutive, subterranean Crinochin who are native to The Bowl's central region where the volcano's magma still boils.

About The Maker: Robin Hutchinson

I have always loved reading, and from an early age would read as much as I could for pleasure - something to do with the endless different worlds you could learn about and immerse yourself in using the words on the page and your own imagination, was just so appealing! Having writing assignments at school gave me the chance to have a go at creating something myself, and once experienced, the feeling was addictive! I wrote a couple of children's books and illustrated them myself (though I'm no artist) and for a long time, that was as far as I went (whilst still reading lots!)

More recently, I had some ideas which stuck around in my head and so I began writing in evenings when I had a little spare time. Eventually it started to look like there might be something worthwhile there, which could actually become a book down the line. Over time, with plenty of encouragement, persistence and support, it has become a real, physical book which I am now proud to share!"

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