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Lazydog Distillery

Sloe Rum - 40% abv

Sloe Rum - 40% abv

Crafted with the same care and attention as all of our products, our Sloe Rum is fermented and distilled in our Leicestershire distillery, using only the finest hand-picked sloes sourced within 2 miles of LDHQ. This unique and distinctly British rum is painstakingly perfected to ensure an exceptional flavor profile that sets it apart from the rest.

Enjoy it neat from a hip flask on a cold winter's day, or over ice for a refreshing twist. For a special occasion, try pairing it with a good prosecco or sparkling wine, along with your favourite berries, for a truly delicious experience. Try Lazydog Sloe Rum today and taste the award-winning difference.

About The Maker: Lazydog Distillery

At Lazydog, founders Matt and Lauren Thompson were inspired to create a truly unique craft rum distillery, fuelled by their love for their cherished dog, Gino (pictured in their logo). Using only the finest ingredients, every bottle of our Lazydog rum and spiced rum is handcrafted with care, showcasing our unwavering commitment to spirits in every sip.

Our rum is meticulously labelled and sealed without the use of any machines, relying instead on hard work, long nights, coffee, and sore thumbs to bring you a quintessentially British rum that is truly remarkable.

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