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Elouise East

Primary Seduction

Primary Seduction

Trent has had his fair share of bad luck – the least of which was his marriage – but he has two children who mean the world to him. Seeing his friends finding love makes his heart ache, but he doesn’t want to make mistakes again. A match flickers to life inside him when Max kisses him, but Trent pushes him away, confused by his emotions.
Max felt the pull towards Trent from the moment they met, but he shoved it aside until his body took over from him. Kissing Trent was a mistake, especially as he knew the man was straight. He throws himself into work, wondering if he’d blown any chance of friendship with the man who wouldn’t leave his thoughts.
When Max calls him for help, Trent surprises him, and they grow closer despite their lifestyle differences, mainly Max’s love for domination. As their relationship continues, Max slowly introduces Trent to the clubs he frequents. But soon, trouble comes calling, and it throws their lives into disarray.
Grab your copy to find out how they support each other through the trials and tribulations of not only a new, unexpected relationship but also family and lifestyle differences.

Contains explicit content!

About The Maker: Elouise East

I write sweet and steamy connections in gay romance. My books are emotionally charged with large families (be it blood or chosen), friends who like to stick their noses where it’s not wanted – although often needed – and make you go “Aww” as well as fanning yourself because of the characters’ shenanigans. What more could you ask for? Visit my website to find more about me.

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