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JÖTUNHEIM: The Cats of Charnwood Forest Book 2

JÖTUNHEIM: The Cats of Charnwood Forest Book 2

In every world, from Alfhiem to Kapol-Tok itself, tremors have struck bringing destruction. The Thringstone Fault is active; nobody knows why. Reality is falling apart at the seams and through one of the cracks comes an ancient Jötunn, an ice giant of Viking legend, with a message for Bailey and Scruff. Only they can stop the collapse of the universe itself.

About The Maker: Constantine

Constantine previously worked on the children's T.V. show "Pablo" (available in the U.K. through the BBC), and has written four episodes of the second season and was involved in the development of the upcoming stage play, Pablo is about a young autistic boy.

Constantine first started writing seriously in 2010. His son had been diagnosed as Autistic and during this process, Constantine discovered that he was Autistic himself. His son was struggling at school and in an attempt to show him that Autism need not be a barrier to achievement, Constantine enrolled in adult education and tried to better the abysmal grades he had received as a child.

Buoyed up by his success with writing he entered Middlesex University and was astonished when a few years later he received a B.A. with first-class honours in 'creative and media writing.'

He later achieved a creative writing master's degree at Leicestershire University.

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