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The Bee Farmer

Honey (8oz/12oz/1lb)

Honey (8oz/12oz/1lb)

Honey as the bees intended. The Bee Farmer's honey has as light a manufacturing processing as UK Food Standards Agency will allow. The honey is extracted from the comb and only if required, heated just enough to allow the honey to flow through the filters. The filters allow pollen grains, micro-nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and trace elements to remain in the honey. The minimal heat does not alter the structure of the honey. The taste and texture of the honey depends upon what flowers and trees the bees have foraged.

About The Maker: The Bee Farmer

In my twenties, I decided I was not doing anything with my down time so I cast about for a short course on something practical. In Didsbury, Manchester was an establishment called the Worker’s Education Association [WEA]. It was housed in a run down but formally a very grand country house. Disbury was in the countryside in the 1820s. Now it is is firmly in the Manchester conurbation. For no reason what so ever I decided a course in bee keeping would be the very thing to do over the winter months.

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