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‘Fleeting’ - Photographic Installation

‘Fleeting’ - Photographic Installation

‘Fleeting’ is a photographic installation, by Beth Edge. It is now on display in MAKERS at CAN HQ! While it isn’t for sale, prints and Polaroids of the photographs from the exhibition (pictured) are available for purchase at CAN HQ.


‘’Fleeting’ takes inspiration from the Japanese cherry blossom, Sakura. The sakura’s meaning is contradictory, it symbolises both life and death, beauty and violence. As the coming of spring promises new life, the blooming of cherry blossoms brings a sense of vitality and vibrancy. At the same time, their short lifespan is a reminder that life is fleeting.

Many of the photos within this collection take on a similar contradictory approach. They can be interpreted in many ways and represent both positive and negative feelings, thoughts or emotion. I wanted to create a flowing, almost weightless feel to this piece, so each transparent photograph is attached to a hand moulded acrylic base, allowing me to create the feeling of movement whilst maintaining their transparency.’

About The Maker: Beth Edge Prints

I'm a self-taught photographic artist based in Ibstock. I capture small, often unnoticed details, helping to provoke the curious nature in us all. I like to find and unique ways to use and display my photos. This includes anything from photographic installations, to small prints on handmade recycled paper.

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