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Donald Povey

Born Lucky 2 - Mynah to Miner and Beyond

Born Lucky 2 - Mynah to Miner and Beyond

Donald Povey’s second book, telling the story of his life in the mining industry. Blurb:

More mining tales and even more of life's experiences shared with family and friends, the good and the not so good, the laughter and sadness that makes our lives so unbearable at times we want the world to stop so that we can assess the damage that life has done to us, but it doesn't. Then there's the laughter that makes the world turn faster but it disappears all too quickly, they are the highs and lows of everyday life and they make us old far too soon. The older we get, the faster they pass by.

About The Maker: Donald Povey

I decided that this book was to be about the guys I'd worked with and the experiences, hardships, conditions and achievements we'd endured, and that forever bonded us together.

Hopefully, my book will convey memories to old colliers and an understanding of the hardships and the environment to those that have not been underground."

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