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'Monty, the Mole' - Aerated Concrete Sculpture

'Monty, the Mole' - Aerated Concrete Sculpture

Crafted from recycled aerated concrete and coated with glossy epoxy resin, this sculpture is perfect for enhancing your home or garden with a unique character. Its charming design and use of sustainable materials, such as natural moss, make it both environmentally-friendly and eye-catching.

About The Maker: JAKsArt

Hi there! I'm Jayne, of JAK'sArt, a passionate artist who specialises in hand-carved sculptures and hand-painted tableware. I'm all about turning waste into something beautiful and giving it a new lease of life. For me, art is not just about creating visually appealing pieces, but also about making a positive impact on the environment.

My chosen medium for sculpture is aerated concrete (waste), which allows me to bring unique and intricate designs to life. Each sculpture I create is a labor of love, showcasing the beauty that can emerge from discarded materials. By using aerated concrete, I can create stunning pieces while also promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

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