On The Bookshelf - Michelle Bray

On The Bookshelf - Michelle Bray

Michelle Bray – Author – ‘Falling from the Sky’ - Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master

When did you first start writing? (what motivated you to write and self publish your book?)

It was in March of 2020 when we were at the beginning of Lockdown I was 6 months into recovering from a Major Trauma Incident. I’d journal throughout this time to help me process it all. So I turned the journal into a book as it tracked through the unusual time of both lockdown & rehabilitation.

Tell us about your book:

It’s the journey of a catastrophic accident when I was told I’d received life changing injuries. I was cared for by the Air Ambulance when the accident happened and had surgery and rehabilitation throughout the difficult time of lockdown. I hope my book, yoga and raising funds for the Air Ambulance, shows anything is possible. With a positive mindset determination and you can achieve just about anything I wrote about my experiences in my book and have now started on another book about my Yoga journey.

Here’s a bit more about Michelle’s book:

On Friday 13th September 2019 I embarked on an Elementary Pilot Training Course. 4 days later I would awake to be told most of the left hand side of my body & back were broken along with other serious injuries. I was told I'd sustained life changing injuries. Determined that I was not going to give my life up. I focused solely on what needed to be done to get me through. What had happened to me? 6 months into rehabilitation the COVID lockdown hit, physiotherapy, complimentary therapies & all types of training stopped. Completely isolated the only thing I could do now was to keep working on my walking until it became better & I grew stronger. With a body full of metalwork & the NHS completely at a standstill due to the pandemic would I be able to get the operations I need to release myself from the metal prison that is holding me captive? Would I be able to get myself out of the biggest challenge I was yet to face? Would I ever be able to get myself back to some semblance of a life I recognise?

To be a good writer you have to be a reader – who are your favourite authors and why?

I was a regular bookworm as a child, once I got into a book there was no putting it down. I’m definitely more of a suspense thriller reader these days so Lee Child, Dean Koontz.

What’s been the biggest challenge in getting your book onto the bookshelf for sale?

I would say all the fine tuning that goes with it, the re-writes after proof reading.

What aspects of writing a book should you get help with?

(Our advice is always to get an editor and pay a professional proof-reader – they are not the same, and somebody who is good at English doesn’t make them a proof-reader – it’s so much more than spelling and grammar!)

Yes, I would definitely agree with this statement. Looking back, I tried to do it all myself & you definitely need other eyes on it as you get so you can’t see the wood for the trees.

What advice would you give to any other aspiring author in our community?

Just go for it, start it, like life it’s not something that can be put off. If you have a burning desire to write, listen & begin - you have something to say which could potentially make a difference to someone.

Where can they go for additional support in writing / getting their book published?

There are heaps of places in the Internet you can go to for self publishing. Speak to local authors, look for recommendations. I published through Grosvenor House who I found very good to work with.

Where can people buy your book(s) and how much are they?

It’s online at various outlets including Amazon. It’s also for sale in Coalville CAN at a cheaper price of just £12.00.

Are you writing another and if so, what’s it about and when will it be due out?

Yes, it’s in work, it’s called Tadasana Warrior which is a Yoga term for the pose Mountain Warrior. I’m both a Yoga Instructor & avid hiker who is always on the look out for a trig point.

I don’t know when it’ll be out but I’m around 50% through it & it’s a continuation of my author journey.

You can learn more about my Yoga Journey on my Instagram: sky_high_yoga1 


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