Retrovandal (Simon) standing in Peter's Place, which he helped decorate. He is also holding a frame illustration of his, featuring an owl.

MAKER of the Month - Retrovandal

This month, we shine the spotlight on a remarkable local artist and upcycler known as Retrovandal.  

With a flair for creating stunning murals and a passion for breathing new life into old items, Retrovandal's work is a true testament to creativity, sustainability, and the joy of learning through making.  

Steampunk Extraordinaire 

Retrovandal's work is characterized by a distinct Steampunk influence. This genre, blends elements of 19th-century industrial machinery with imagination and he links this with his passion for  Reuse and Creativity 

What sets Retrovandal apart is not just his talent but also his commitment to sustainability. He believes in the power of reusing materials and turning them into something beautiful and functional. His creations reflect a dedication to eco-friendly practices and the importance of giving discarded items a new lease on life. 

You can see Retrovandal's influence at CAN HQ, where he has helped us create "Peters Place", a welcoming space where you can drop in for a cuppa, admire his work, and be inspired by the fusion of art and reuse. 

You can find more about Retrovandal on his website and Facebook page, where you can see him working on new projects, selling unique items, and more.

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