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Coalville CAN

Wellbeing Open Day

Wellbeing Open Day

Join us at Coalville CAN for our first Wellbeing Open Day Sunday 17th March. We will be open from 11am to 3pm hosting a variety of local practitioners, free drop in creative taster sessions and a series of short talks.  

Bringing the community together to share ideas, learn and experience different aspects of what wellbeing might mean to us and others. This exciting event is an opportunity to share stories and passions for creativity, nature and self-care in whatever form that might be! Promoting local activities, groups, businesses and sign post to what’s happening in Coalville and surrounding areas that people can connect with… there is something for everyone! 

Where is it? It’s at Coalville CAN, across all three floors. There’ll be plenty of teas and coffees, spaces to sit and a warm welcome awaiting all.  

Here at CAN we are trying to take a neuroinclusive approach a with quiet sensory space upstairs, we encourage you to bring what you feel you need to use the space for you. Talk to any of our helpful staff at the event if you need a hand. 

Take a look at the event programme below to find more details about who will be here, the wonderful activities and talks, suitable for all ages.  Book ahead or drop in on the day and get involved!  

We look forward to welcoming you and don’t forget to bring your friends and family! 

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Book online or just drop in!

Healing Through Art - with Hayley Fern 

Learn how Hayley used art therapy as part of her recovery from a stroke as she demonstrates her painting process  

Baby Massage - with Maybe & Baby 

Drop in for a free baby massage taster session (11:30 or 12:30) – bring a blanket! 

Affirmations Slow Stitching - with The Curator Educator 

Showcasing a variety of creative wellbeing strategies, try your hand at slow stitching  

Cardboard Relief Art - with Tim Neath

Explore creativity with this freelance artist  

Art with Seaglass - with Shore Things 

Spend time creating a card or an art piece on canvas. No creative experience necessary and is suitable for adults and children (aged 5 and up). 

Creative Mindfulness - with Dani Martin, Authenticity Coach and Creative Courage Mentor

Join this transformational coach and creative thinker, for some creative family fun 

Nature in Glass - with The Glass Collective (Paid Workshops)

Join a Family Taster Workshop 10:30-12:30 - have a go working with fused glass. Book at Carlas website via this LINK 

Coalville’s Mega Walk – with Coalville CAN  

Meet our very own Deana Bamford at the Clock Tower 1pm to set off on a 6mile walk 

FREE Talks: 

Book online or just drop in!

 11:00 Taking a Holistic Approach - with Sage Embers 

Join Becky a Women’s Holistic Therapist and Women’s Circle Facilitator to learn more about taking a holistic approach to selfcare 

 11:30 Connecting to your Inner Power - with Sky High Yoga 

Join Michelle for an incredible talk on harnessing the power within 

 12:00pm: Exploring the power of Meditation – with The Mindful Tide  

Join Katie to learn about the magic of reiki, breathwork, meditation and soundbaths for children and adults 

 12:30pm: Sleep – with Ashby Sleep Solutions 

Join Louise to discover more about the importance of sleep, what affects it and the impact of stress and electronics 

 13:00pm: Menopause Support - with the Menopause Empowerment Group 

Join Elaine a menopause champion for Age UK, learn about the benefits of massage and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing activities 

 13:30 Nature Connectedness for Wellbeing - with Better Outdoors 

Join Karen to hear more about Forest Bathing and Mindfulness practices with nature  

 14:00 The Importance of a Well Fitting Bra - with Totally Busted 

Join Chloe to learn about the importance of wearing a well fitting bra and the impact it can make on your mental and physical health (specialising in maternity/nursing, regular, mastectomy, sports and first bras) 

14:30 Cycling - with B-Buddies 

Join Martin for a talk on cycle training and bike maintenance 

Join us to discover what wellbeing  means to you!

Broadarrow Jack Leather 

Green Life Innovations 

Roger “The Swan Man” 

Health Watch 

Natures Flow – Kambo & Reiki Practitioner 

Ashby Sleep Solutions 

Sage Embers Holistics 

The Curator Educator 

Menopause Empowerment Group 

Sky High Yoga 


Mindful Tide 

Totally Busted / Maybe & Baby 

Tim Neath Freelance Artist 

Better Outdoors