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Torque is a gizmobot made fully from recycled and reclaimed materials. Read his story: 

‘Torque is made from bits from the Sellafield nuclear plant, so he glows in the dark and has grown extra legs in the past. They thought he has infertile but Mrs Walker at No.23 provided otherwise…

Please feed him on eggs benedict, cucumber and paperclips. Never feed him sand ‘cos he’s a messy eater and it gets into his Shnuggleguffer.’

About The Maker: Gizmobots

Gizmobots are “found object robots” that start life as ordinary and discarded items. Mark carefully crafts the parts to create unique characters, each with their own personality and humorous story!

As a young lad Mark used to sit in front of his parents’ electric fire making robots and spaceships out of cogs, wheels and bits of wood that his dad bought back from his job as a clock repairer. Fast forward to today and he is on a mission to teach the younger generations the value of re-purposing, whether that’s through repairing or re-imagining old objects into whimsical sculptures!

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