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Naughty Hare Distillery

Naughty Hare - After Dinner Gin (70cl)

Naughty Hare - After Dinner Gin (70cl)

Naughty Hare's After Dinner Gin features a harmonious blend of premium botanicals, with a distinct infusion of mint and dark chocolate, paying homage to the classic After Eight experience. The result is a sophisticated and indulgent gin, delivering a delightful combination of cool mint freshness and bitter dark chocolate richness with every sip.


37.5% Alc/Vol

About The Maker: Naughty Hare Distillery

Experience the extraordinary world of Gabriela Silion and Dawn Jacques, two passionate individuals driven by their love for dogs and the enchanting Naughty Hares. Delve into the world of Naughty Hare Distillery, where craftsmanship meets creativity in the most captivating way. Our gins are not just drinks, they are a manifestation of our dedication to excellence, artistry, and the celebration of life’s delightful moments.

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